Tips For Consultation Photos

We will need a handful of photos to properly prepare for our appointment.

  1. 2 current hair photos- roots and sides
  2. 1 favorite photo of yourself.
  3. 2 inspiration hair goals.

2 current hair photos

There are important instructions to how this is done. NO flash, you need natural sunlight- here is where you find the best lighting for the photo.

  • Inside the car anytime during daylight (also works on a cloudy day)
  • Under shade anywhere outside
  • By a window inside

Where NOT to take current hair photos

  • In a bathroom with no window using only bathroom lightning
  • At office with fluorescent lighting
  • Anywhere with no natural sunlight
  • A picture with flash
  • In direct sunlight. Yes, I know its sunlight. however its tooo much sunlight.

As long as you avoid the “don’ts” you’ll be good.

here are a few examples:


1 favorite photo of yourself 

Send a photo you loveee. It’s your favorite photo. You want it to show your style, your personality, how you live your best+happiest life. This picture is more about you then it is your hair. think to yourself…. if I could explain myself in one photo, which one would it be? Send that one!

2 inspiration hair photos

Here is the fun part. Hair inspiration photos! You know that pinterest board you spent many hours perfecting with dream hair goals? Go there. Select two photos that make your heart melt when you see them on your screen.

TIP: Before you choose those two perfect hair goal photos make sure the hair length in #hairgoal photo is similar to your own hair length.



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