How To Hollywood Waves

Well, hello! So, I am finally ready to blog and share all the razzmatazz of beauty and hair.  Today we are talking one of the most asked for hair styles. Hollywood Waves. This look definitely delivers. Also know what else delivers? Google. ((golf clap all around for google))  I searched and combed through every single blog post about Hollywood Waves. With the help of Google, half a bottle of wine, Uber eats and a marathon of Real Housewives of New Jersey.. I present three different ways with three different tools to create a look that is an easy and glamorous way to tell the world, “I’ve got my shizz together.”

*I highly encourage feedback in the comments. I mean it.  I want us to learn together. Engage on our challenges we have when trying new techniques and share tricks we learn on our hair journey. I want this to be a safe place where we can be honest about our hair and learn from each other. I believe if we do this, we will not only be confident but inspired to try new things and enjoy the perils of being a lady. ((cue more golf claps))



Already own a curling iron? Confident in your execution of curls with a curling iron? Looking to change up the way you curl your hair? This how-to is for you. The detailed instructions with the photos deliver lightbulb moments. I once worked at a blow dry bar in the city that carried Oribe product line. It was love at first blow-dry. Its a product worth investing in. However, I never used the Oribe Sculpting Cream. Anyone use it? I wanna know, how much do we love it?



Do you love how-tos that are direct and straight to the point? Then you will be attracted to the simplicity of this tutorial. 7 steps and viola, glam ready. What caught my eye to this tutorial was the attention to how the hair is curled on the curling iron for this look. I wanna know- did you feel you got a rounder curl by overlapping the hair on the iron? What size iron did you use? Did we feel glam with the finished look?

Screen Shot 2017-11-01 at 11.25.26 PM

Harry Josh Hollywood Waves Tutorial

Enjoy videos and a charming highly talented award winning stylist? Grab some coffee, press play, sit back and enjoy Harry Josh. Personally, this tutorial was my absolute favorite. You will need to be pretty confident with a curling iron with Harry Josh but you still walk away with new knowledge that may help you with other looks and techniques in your hair styling.


I think we all need to treat ourselves now and then on a trip to the salon to receive hollywood glam curls by a professional, we’re women and we work darn hard — but, it’s always an amazing feeling to have a great hair day you did your self. Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed researching/writing it!



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